Feature Documentary


Copwatch is the true story of We Copwatch, an organization that films police activity as a non-violent form of protest and deterrent to police brutality. In her feature film debut, director Camilla Hall crafts an intriguing and timely profile of citizen-journalist-activists — including Ramsey Orta who filmed Eric Garner’s fatal arrest — who seek to disrupt the ever-present challenge of police violence. Directed by Camilla Hall. 

Premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in April 2017.

Scab Vendor - The Life and Times of Jonathan Shaw


Feature Documentary, post-production.


Scab Vendor - The Life and Times of Jonathan Shaw is a feature-length documentary about the life and adventures of Jonathan Shaw. One of the most important and influential artists in the history of tattooing, in 2001, Jonathan left the industry he pioneered to pursue a successful career as a writer. Wild man, outlaw, gypsy, biker, Jonathan Shaw is the last of a kind. Directed by Mariana Thome and Lucas de Barros.

Possible Selves


Feature Documentary, post-production.


Following Alex over five years, the film Possible Selves tracks his varying experiences through high school and the Los Angeles foster care system. Directed by Shaun Kadlec.

The Same Face


Short Documentary

Director, Editor

Two sisters share memories of their family trips to Lebanon and their experience growing up Arab-American. 

Funded by Larson International Fellowship and awarded the Sigrid and Erling Larsen Award for impressionable art at Carleton College.

Our Fathers' Fathers


Documentary Short

Director, Editor

This short explores the role of story telling and the preservation of tradition in the quickly changing Bedouin communities in Faisaliah, Jordan.



Experimental Short

Director, Editor

A semi-biographical piece, Ophelia is an experimental short that explores the tensions between our conflicting identities and our relationship with nature.

Ambient Petrichor


Experimental Short

Director, Editor

Ambient Petrichor was my first short movie. Petrichor is the pleasant smell after a rain storm. I was inspired by the short films of Charles and Ray Eames and wanted to capture some of my favorite textures, details, and sounds.