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The Badia


Short Narrative


The Badia is a film centered around the complexities of language and cultural identity through the lens of Laura Khoury, a young Arab-American student. Having always felt like an outsider to her own culture, Laura decides to study abroad in rural Jordan in order to feel “more Arab.” In The Badia, we see Laura struggle to fit in with her host family, who quickly point out her American tendencies. As Laura pushes through the awkward language barrier, her idolized perceptions of Jordanian culture crumble when she is forced to differentiate between cultural misunderstandings and personal safety.

Chicken Girls


Feature Narrative and Season 1-3


Chicken Girls tells the story of middle school student Rhyme McAdams and her friends – known as "The Chicken Girls" – who have been dancing together forever. The show follows the girls through dance, friendship, crushes, growing up and the challenges that come with their freshman year at Attaway High School.



Short Narrative


Before he was the leader of the Lost Boys, he was just a kid with a dream, this is a short set in the world of the film Hook directed by Steven Spielberg. Bangarang is directed by Jonah Feingold.



Narrative Short

Director, Editor


A small peek into the life of two Chicagoan sisters, Maddy and Logan. Lily is the first narrative short I shot while in college.

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